Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Erica Weiner

-contains a bijoux photomicroscopique Stanhope lens revealing a secret nude Pin-Up girl

-three pairs of vintage enamel horse-shaped studs in black, orange and bone

-a lovely husband and wife team near Anchorage, Alaska still pan for gold using the same non-invasive sluice-and-dredge methods developed in the Yukon Gold rush after 1849

-brass double-sided "locket" holds two different images gleaned from real antique photographs

-hand-cast brass ring was modified from a 19th-century wax seal discovered in an antique shop in Glasgow, Scotland

-antique nameplate bracelets, probably from the 1960s...names include: Dorothy, Shirley, MaryAnne, Phyllis, Sheila, Marilyn, Peggy, Sherry, Marlene, Sandra, or Irene

-five cleaned vertebrae from a small snake are strung on a antique brass chain

-a very detailed, very tiny mouse pelvis bone was found in the woods of Maine and cast in various metals

I want to post everything, it's so good

via: Erica Weiner

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